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Accidents happen. Some are more serious than others. But when you or a loved one gets into an accident that affects your dental work, you should never hesitate to call for an emergency appointment to fix the issues right away! 

Florence Family Dental practices emergency dentistry for kids, teens, and adults that will leave their smiles better than brand new. Whether it’s something simple like easing discomfort from tooth pain or a misaligned bite, or more complex procedures such as repairing broken teeth from sports injuries, trauma, or falls, our practice never shies away from service. We always work hard to alleviate even the most distressing dental issues and give you back normal aesthetics and overall function. 

Comprehensive Judgment-Free Dentistry

Our practice will never scold you for not coming in for dental work sooner. We conduct fair, personalized evaluations to discern your unique needs and how long it had been since your last dental service before getting you taken care of, immediately. Root canals, denture repairs, mouth guard work, cosmetic dentistry – we make everything available to you because we are a family practice that truly cares about enhancing the look, feel, and comfort of your smile.

Cost-Effective Emergency Assistance

To keep costs down for you and your family, Florence Family Dental works with almost every insurance company available. We can also recommend a broad range of amazing reparative and reconstructive dental treatments, in the moment, to ensure all the emergency work we do will stay within your budget. 

For more information concerning our emergency dental services, or to schedule an emergency appointment with us, please call Florence Family Dental at 609-499-4915.  

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